Are You Drinking Enough Water? Take Our Quick Quiz To Find Out

Are You Drinking Enough Water? Take Our Quick Quiz To Find Out

Ensuring you are drinking enough water is vitally important for your health, as water lubricates the joints and eyes, aids digestion, flushes out waste and toxins, and keeps the skin healthy. What's more dehydration has been linked to weight gain.

So are you drinking enough water? Take our quick quiz to find out:

1. Are you thirsty?

If you answered yes, then surprise surprise you're dehydrated! It might not take a genius to work out that if you're feeling parched you should probably have a drink, but what you might not realise is that by the time you feel the sensation of thirst you are already dehydrated.

So rather than waiting till your mouth is dry to turn on the tap, have a jug of water next to you at all times and keep sipping.

2. When did you last go for a wee?

Sorry to get personal, but if you haven't gone in a while, or if your urine is dark, then you're probably in need of some water. Dehydration is also one of the most common causes of constipation, so the five minute walk to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water is certainly a wise move.

3. Do you have dark circles under your eyes or do your eyes look sunken?

If so, these are common symptoms of dehydration, and are more easily fixed with a glass of something cool from the fridge, than with concealer.

4. Pinch the skin on the back of your hand for a couple of seconds and then release. Does it smooth out straight away?

If it takes a while for your skin to lie flat again, then you're dehydrated. Treat yourself to an extra large beverage and slapping on some moisturiser won't hurt.

Watch the video above for easy ways to ensure you stay hydrated throughout the day.

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