18/03/2015 08:18 GMT | Updated 18/03/2015 10:59 GMT

Kanye West Quotes: The World According To Yeezus (Well, His World, Anyway)

Kanye West might have an opinion on absolutely everything but there’s one thing he loves talking about above all else: himself.


Whether he’s declaring he’s ‘God’s vessel’ or informing us he’s Warhol or Shakespeare (make your mind up love), Kanye’s utter conviction in his self-belief is impossible to ignore (and occasionally laugh at).

Modest, he ain’t.

And in those rare moments when he isn’t actually banging on about himself being a genius, he can be relied upon to offer up some truly unique takes on, well pretty much anything.

You know, like the responsibility that comes with having a bottle of water in your possession on a flight (yes, he really did verbalise this).

But whatever you think of the US rapper, there’s no denying that whenever he opens his mouth, what emerges is always going to be entertaining, controversial or just plain bonkers (although, we love the perfect storm of all three).

Prepare yourselves...

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