Swedish Blonde Advertises For 'Good Looking As Hell' Flatmate, Gets Inundated With Responses

A blonde teenager who advertised for 'good looking as hell' flatmate has been inundated with responses.

Alicia Hansson, 19 who advertised for a "good looking as hell" flatmate on Facebook, also demanded that applicants had to be "charming" and know how to put the toilet seat down. The teenager put the ad on a flat-hunting Facebook page in Gothenburg.

The Swedish blonde has been flooded with offers from hunks who claim they fit the profile. Within days of posting the ad Alicia had over 1,000 responses, and some men even sent romantic poems and half naked pictures.

Alicia Hansson

The ad, which was posted last week in Gothenburg got some mixed responses labeling the stunt as 'white trash' by those who criticised her of objectifying men, while others found it 'hilarious'.

She told MailOnline: "I've lost count on how many messages I've received, and am still receiving, and how many wonderful, handsome and charming men there are out there searching for company.

"My ad was simply just about finding someone to settle down with, being willing to make him feel as a king while he's seducing my eyesight. I don’t really see the sexist statements described."

Hansson who is single said that she had now found her perfect man who measured up to her tough criteria.

"We'll both see what happens, who knows, maybe the ad wasn't so "stupid" after all and... I must say he's one good-looker."