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WATCH: Samsung People of Note. English Mum blogger, Becky Wiggins

Making Mum-Blogging A Full-Time Career
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Travel blogger and busy mum Becky Wiggins is always on the move. Her blog EnglishMum covers travel, food and home life with families and she is often away to find stories for her readers.

As Becky knows, the key to clever parenting, and successful blogging, is being organized. Becky chooses the Note 4 to keep everything in order. She manages her blog posts and keeps all her notes, documents and photos in one place using the Note 4. She's a big fan of the new 3.7megapixel camera with a brighter lens and image stabilization and uses it to take high quality photos for the blog.

Recently Becky was at the launch of the UK's biggest cruise liner, P&O's Britannia where she got to experience the new ship and witness The Queen launch her at Southhampton Docks. Get a taste of the life of one of Britain's most successful bloggers in the video above.

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