I have spent the last few weeks travelling in Europe, principally in Italy. I have seen many wonders to refresh the soul, but as you travel through popular Cities and Resorts, you cannot escape the throng that is now modern day tourism. Each day, resorts are awash with the daily influx of holidaymakers, eager it seems to tick off that sight or experience from their bucket list.
Cruising has been on my radar for a while - my partner's parents discovered the appeal a few years ago, my grandparents are regulars on the cruise lines and my own parents hopped on the band wagon in 2015.
In 2014, I boldly did what most grooms should not dare to attempt - I photographed my own wedding. In fact, I did it twice! Let's just say the pressure was immense given that I needed to please my bride and our families in getting great photos of our special day!
One aspect of her post-travel tales really bothered me. During her stay on-board she attended a seminar on health, had a 'personal assessment', and ended up coming home with some pills and a new diet.
If you walk in to the Henn-na Hotel in Nagasaki, Japan, you will be met by two receptionists. Both speak English but neither
3. Cruises will keep you entertained and occupied One thing we can pretty much guarantee you won't be hearing on a Viking
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When you book a cruise holiday, you want to discover new places, breathe in fresh ocean air, enjoy nature at its most majestic
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Italian food aficionados will love Manfredi's: the walls are plastered with playful photos of Italian celebrities, and diners
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1. Visit Russia without a visa The glittering fairy tale capital cities of Copenhagen, Stockholm, Tallinn and Helsinki are
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MSC Cruises said in a statement: "MSC Cruises confirms that its ship MSC Splendida left the port of La Goulette, Tunis, this
Travel blogger and busy mum Becky Wiggins is always on the move. Her blog EnglishMum covers travel, food and home life with
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P&O’s new super ship Britannia is perfect for cruise virgins – you can switch off and unwind in total comfort as you cruise
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These spectacular photographs give a stunning birds-eye of view of the decks from some of the world's biggest cruise liners
The day before Lee Wachtstetter's husband died from cancer in 1997, he had one piece of key advice for her: "Don't stop cruising
Is it safe to visit Egypt again after the recent unrest, and is a cruise the best way to see the ancient wonders of the Nile? As a cruise 'virgin' eager to visit the Valley of the Kings, I chose to tick both experiences off my to-do list with a Nile River cruise.
With National Cruise Week running until 29 September, cruise companies will be doing their best to woo new customers onto their ships. If you've been considering setting sail, but still aren't convinced, this one's for you: a list of the top five misconceptions about cruising.
I thought this was a very good April Fool's day prank that was played upon the passengers aboard Cunard's Queen Elizabeth, whilst I was on board in 2012.
From war-torn to holiday hotspot in a very short space of time, Croatia's popularity with tourists is all the more remarkable given its very unsettled, very recent past. The wars only ended in 1995; walls pock-marked with bullet holes are still visible and when speaking with local people you are speaking to those for whom the conflict is a very fresh memory.
As you do, when your celebrating Hamburg harbour's 825th birthday. The crew of the MSC Magnifica: we salute you.
This is a great time of year for getting a deal on a holiday. The peak January booking period has passed, and the early summer rush is still a long way off, so travel companies are looking to boost their cash flows by landing some bookings, even if that means offering some juicy discounts.