Claudia Lawrence Detectives Release CCTV Footage From The Night Of Chef's Disappearance

Police have released previously unseen CCTV footage of two people walking near missing chef Claudia Lawrence's home on the evening of her disappearance.

North Yorkshire Police appealed to local residents for help to identify the people seen in the footage, which was screened near Miss Lawrence's house in York this afternoon.

The university chef was last seen six years ago on Wednesday March 18 2009. Police believe she has been murdered.

CCTV images from the night Claudia Lawrence disappeared

The CCTV footage shows one person walking down Heworth Place, which leads to the rear of Miss Lawrence's house, before returning just over a minute later with what appears to be a bag over their shoulder.

The person stops as someone else walks past before continuing on to Heworth Road.

The footage shows an area near an alleyway at the rear of Miss Lawrence's terraced house, which was searched by police last month and is said to be of "growing significance" to the investigation.

It was filmed at 7.15pm on Wednesday 18 March 2009, a short time before Miss Lawrence spoke to her parents on the phone.

Claudia Lawrence has not been seen since 2009

Detective Superintendent Dai Malyn, who is leading the investigation, said: "The footage shows two people who we need to identify."

Mr Malyn continued: "Of particular interest to the investigation team is the person who is seen walking down Heworth Place which leads to the back of Claudia's house.

"The person goes out of camera shot but reappears just over a minute later. They appear to be carrying a bag over their shoulder.

"As the person heads back towards Heworth Road they suddenly stop when another unknown person walks past.

"Who is this? Do they live locally? What were they doing?

"If you can help to identify either person, please contact us as soon as possible. We are waiting to hear from you."

Police leafleted the area around Miss Lawrence's home earlier this week to encourage residents to attend Heworth Place to watch the footage on the sixth anniversary of her disappearance.