Mystery Man Caught Peering From Behind David Cameron's Door Has Everyone Spooked

Mystery Man Peering From Behind Cameron's Door Is Pretty Spooky

But it's the mystery man caught peering around a door behind Samantha Cameron during the PM's interview with the BBC's James Lansdale that's got everyone spooked.

Is it John Travolta?

Perhaps the PM keeps Michael Gove in his larder at the weekends?

Perhaps the Cotswolds retreat is where Vladimir Putin had been hiding?

Or, perhaps it's a member of the BBC production team...

Opening just a crack...

It's beeeehinnnnd yooooouuuuu!

Who's that looking over your shoulder, Mrs Cameron?

Hopefully, this isn't about to happen...

Either way, now we've got the silly business of the PM's plans for 2020 out of the way, the public will demand answers.

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