Google Glass Isn't Dead, In Fact It's Getting Ready For Public Release

When Google announced it was shutting down the Google Glass Explorer program many thought that would be the end of smart glasses. Google's push towards smart watches with Android Wear almost seemed to seal its fate.

Well don't believe everything you hear because Google Glass isn't just far from dead, it's actually being prepped for consumer release.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Google's Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt revealed that Glass's move to a separate team wasn't the project being sidelined but instead "to make it ready for users.”

Schmidt went on to say, “It is a big and very fundamental platform for Google, we ended the Explorer program and the press conflated this into us cancelling the whole project, which isn’t true. Google is about taking risks and there’s nothing about adjusting Glass that suggests we’re ending it.”

If you're hoping for a Google Glass release date soon though then prepare to be disappointed. Google views Glass as a long-term project, similar to the company's self-driving car project.