Skin-Boosting Foods To Give You A Spring Glow (And Keep The Wrinkles At Bay)

5 Foods You Need In Your Life To Ward Off Ageing

When it comes to your skin, the phrase "you are what you eat" couldn't be more true.

With that in mind, it'll come as no surprise that eating fatty foods and sweets won't do your face any favours.

But never fear, because there are a handful of foods which are specifically great for your skin (and health).

Intrigued? Here are some of them...

Why? They naturally boost your body's collagen levels, which helps to keep your skin firm. In other words - no wrinkles, no dimples, no saggy skin.

Why? They contain selenium, which is an important mineral that helps protect your skin from sun damage.

Why? Because it contains zinc, which is another immunity-boosting mineral that can help protect skin cells from long term damage.

Why? They are crammed with vitamin C and flavanoids, both of which are important for keeping skin healthy.

Why? Because they're packed with vitamin E which helps to protect your body's cells and in turn can provide a healthy glow.

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