Women's Fitness Through The Ages, From Stretches To Zumba

Fitness fads come and go, with Thighmasters, ab rollers and aerobics videos cluttering cupboards and spare rooms across the nation, but some resonate more than others.

This video, made by Benenden Health, shows off the most prevalent exercise trends for women over the past century, from the humble stretches of the 1920s to the Hula Hooping craze of the 50s and the wonderfully 90s Tae Bo.

It follows on from various videos stemming from the vintage viral hit "Evolution of Dance", a comedy piece which showed a man's six minute journey through decades of dance moves.

On its website, Benenden says: "We are very lucky to live in an age where we can take our pick from numerous types of exercise, to find one that suits us.

"What you might not know is that keeping fit didn’t begin with Lycra and aerobics classes. Men and women have been keeping themselves in shape for more than a century and, in many cases, with strange equipment bearing little resemblance to what we use today."

Don't lift heavy weights, it will bulk you up.

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