Tory MP Charles Walker Gets Standing Ovation From Labour MPs For Defending John Bercow

Labour MPs stood and applauded Conservative Charles Walker in parliament on Thursday, following the Tory MP's emotional defence of John Bercow.

Earlier today, the government was defeated in the House of Commons on the final day of the 2010 parliament, losing a bid to force a secret ballot on the re-election of Bercow after May's general election. The move was branded a "grubby" plot by Labour, designed to oust Bercow from the job of Speaker.

Walker appeared on the brink of tears as he told the Commons he had been misled by the Conservative leader of the Commons, William Hague, and his team.

"Mr Speaker, I have been played as a fool. And when I go home tonight I will look in the mirror and see an honourable fool looking back at me. And I would much rather be an honourable fool, Mr Speaker, in this and any other matter, than a clever man," he said.

Labour MPs stood to applaud Walker, an extremely rare occurrence, after he sat down. Bercow looked visibly moved by Walker's intervention.

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