National Cleavage Day: 10 Amazing Facts About Breasts

National Cleavage Day: 10 Things You Don't Know About Breasts
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It's time to celebrate what your mamma gave you - yes, today is National Cleavage Day.

Although some of us may groan because of the people who have a preference for ogling cleavages, the annual celebration has actually been created by Wonderbra as a day of appreciation for breasts in all shapes and sizes.

They say National Cleavage Day gives women the chance to be proud of their assets: “We view this as a day for women to acknowledge that their cleavage is something unique and encourage you all to be proud of it.”

With all this talk of boobs today HuffPost Lifestyle started to wonder: How much do we actually know about breasts?

For example, do you know the size of the world's largest breasts? Or what breast milk really tastes like? Or which one of your breasts is more likely to be bigger than the other?

No? Neither did we, so we did some investigating and the results are fascinating....

What is the average UK boob size?

10 Things You Don't Know About Breasts