James May, Top Gear Presenter, Takes Recorder Requests On Twitter


After live-tweeting his unemployment since Jeremy Clarkson was suspended and then fired from Top Gear, his co-presenter James May has found a new way to fill the time.

He announced he was re-learning the recorder. His first tweet said he wanted to master the British Grenadiers' March.

He eventually mastered that one, posting a video from "JM's Unemployment Tube" of him playing the song, warning it was "crap content". After playing the song, May says: "I'm here the rest of my life."

He then called it "rubbish", called people slackers for commenting on it and, strangely, told people what was coming next.

This was followed by his "shoddy" version of Greensleeves, a request.

One tweeted agreed the video was shoddy - and May agreed with him.

We'll bring you more on May's unemployment, as it develops.

The 52-year-old's career hangs in the balance after Clarkson was sacked from Top Gear for punching a producer.

May and his co-host Richard Hammond, 45, have not announced if they will stay at the show or not, but have heavily hinted that they will follow Clarkson out of the BBC.

Asked earlier in the week if he will continue on Top Gear, May said the trio came "as a package" and his future requires "a lot of careful thought".

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