This Is What Disney Princesses Would Look Like If They Were Plus-Size Women

Disney Princesses Reimagined As Plus Size Women

Disney princesses' waists have been big news in recent weeks, after people on social media accused filmmakers of digitally altering Lily James' waist for Kenneth Branagh's new adaptation of Cinderella.

While Branagh denied the accusations and James admitted wearing a corset while shooting, many still raised issue with Cinders' size.

"We mustn't forget that this movie is being heavily marketed to an audience of very young, very impressionable little girls," Nikki Gloudeman blogged on HuffPost Women.

"How long until they're fantasising about the day that their waist, too, can nearly disappear - all the better to land Prince Charming?"

Every classic Disney princess has a small waist, and while we're totally against skinny shaming, a little diversity would help show girls that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

So we asked the HuffPost UK picture desk to re-imagine some of our favourite Disney princesses as plus-size women.

Maybe one day we'll see a Disney heroine who looks more like these ladies.

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