Katie Hopkins Reported To Police Over 'Race Hate' Tweets To Labour MP Simon Danczuk

Labour MP Simon Danczuk claims she incited racial hatred by suggesting Asian men in the town were child abusers, after he posted a picture of himself with two Pakistani friends.

The notorious motor-mouth quickly responded to the tweet saying it was insensitive to post such a photo in a town infamous as the scene of widespread abuse of teenage girls.

The Twitter spat quickly escalated as Hopkins tweeted a photo of some of the men found guilty of child abuse.

Nine men from Rochdale and Oldham convicted of offences including rape and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child. Of the group, eight were from Pakistan and one was from Afghanistan.

No one has pushed the police more than me to make grooming prosecutions. But focus has always been criminality not hatred of a racial group

— Simon Danczuk (@SimonDanczuk) March 30, 2015

Danczuk reported the tweets to police as he claims they could incite racial hatred.

He said: "The letter is me asking the police commissioner to investigate whether a crime has been committed in relation to Katie Hopkins.

"It is not right that somebody who has little to do with Rochdale incited hatred of this kind.

"Rochdale is a very cohesive community - people work well together. Of course there are tensions, like there are in other communities, but people rub together really well and we don't need outsiders like Katie Hopkins to come in and cause trouble just for the sake of causing trouble and creating Sun headlines."

Hopkins has yet to comment on the allegations properly but did thank her followers for their support.

She also couldn't help making a snide dig at Danczuk over a story about his porn viewing habits.

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