FryHard Is The London Pop-Up Where All The Food Is Deep-Fried For Some Reason

These Are The People Behind A Pop-Up Café Where Everything Is Deep-Fried
Emma Thomas and James Thomlinson
Emma Thomas and James Thomlinson

Have you ever been wondering around London's fashionable East End and wondered why there are no hipster cafés selling exclusively deep-fried goods?

Neither have we, but that's about to change. The people behind Miss Cakehead (Emma Thomas) and London Mess (James Thomlinson) have joined forces to create a menu of more than 100 battered items.

You'll need to get in quick if you fancy a battered battenberg or a deep fried crumpet, because the pop-up will only be open from 2-5 April at Shoreditch's Boxpark.

Here's the Fry Hard menu + daily specials to be announced on Twitter

Posted by Messhead on Friday, March 27, 2015

Available deep fried items include haggis, Snickers, jelly babies, peanut butter cups, Ferrero Rocher, cauliflower, Pepperami and much more.

And if that wasn't enough to stop your heart, they're also offering a deep-fried Easter celebration - a full joint of lamb complete with potatoes and veg - all straight from the fryer.

Deep Fried Creme Egg

#FryHard Deep Fried Delights From Messhead Battered Foods From Creme Egg To Pork Pie

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