Revolutionary Graphene Light Bulb Should Save You Money

A lightbulb made using the revolutionary new 'super material' graphene is set to go on sale later this year.

The graphene lightbulb was developed by the University of Manchester and Canadian company Graphene Lighting. The company claims it's not only cheaper to produce, but cheaper for consumers as well, using 10 per cent less energy while lasting longer than current LED bulbs.

So what makes this lightbulb better? Well the filament is coated in a thin layer of graphene which -- thanks to its super-conducting properties -- allows it to conduct electricity and heat far more efficiently than conventional materials.

This will be the first commercially available product that contains the newly-discovered material. Heralded as one of the greatest new discoveries of our time, graphene is a form of carbon that is spectacularly powerful.

Just a thin layer of the material is stronger than steel and engineers are already looking at uses for it from space elevators to stark new building designs that would have been impossible before.

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