All Americans Think Vladimir Putin Has Invaded The Isle Of Wight And Half Think He Should Keep It

Almost 25% Of Americans Think David Cameron Is Margaret Thatcher's Son

An exclusive HuffPost UK survey conducted in New York has revealed shocking ignorance from our American friends.

Of three people surveyed, a whopping 100% were unable to name just five UK cities. One third even thought Yorkshire was a city.

A separate survey sample unearthed a devastating and total belief that the Whigs and the BNP were our two main parties (although the entire group gave their endorsement to the Whigs).

HuffPost UK's Paul Vale rigorously collects data during his lunch break

The latest poll coming from Union Square puts Ed Miliband well in the lead over his political rival Ken Dodd for victory in the 7 May general election.

Of the 50% of Americans who had heard of Prime Minister David Cameron, half thought being Margaret Thatcher's son had hindered his political career.

Our exclusive poll also showed an overwhelming rejection of the proposals to allow an independent Scotland to become America's 51st state.

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