Pollen Allergies: How To Prepare Your Body For Hayfever Season


Spring is here, bringing with it sunshine and flowers.

But for many, it also signals a more sinister side to the season. Our old nemesis: pollen.

If you're feeling disheartened by the thought of hayfever season then listen up, as we have a handful of ways to prep your body for what Mother Nature is about to unleash - namely the sneezing frenzies, watery eyes and an itchy throat.

1) Reassess your style choices

Wear wrap around sunglasses when you're out and about to stop pollen from getting in your eyes and making them red and itchy.

2) Change your clothes and shower often

When you get in from work, have a shower and put on clean clothes. This will get rid of any unwanted pollen that has attached itself to you during the day.

3) Avoid going out at certain times

To avoid peak pollen activity, don't go out early in the morning or late at night. If you do go out, then stock up on the tablets, which leads us nicely to...

4) Medication

While antihistamines are great for relieving the symptoms of allergies, they're also a nightmare for making you drowsy, which isn't ideal if you have to work.

Instead, try second generation drugs such as Loratadine or Cetirizine to avoid feeling groggy.

With nasal sprays, be careful as they increase your dependency. If you find you're suffering badly, ask your doctor about steroidal nasal sprays.

5) Transport

If you commute to work then cycling, walking or driving with your windows down should be out of the question.

6) And if all else fails...

Try sub-lingual immunotherapy, which involves placing drops under your tongue to alter immune reactions.

Every week patients are given a tiny dose of what they're allergic to. Then, dosage is gradually increased until the body recognises the allergen and stops fighting it.

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