Easter Face Paint: Woman Transforms Herself Into Alice In Wonderland's White Rabbit, We Can't Quite Believe Our Eyes

If you're stuck for something to do this Easter, why not take some inspiration from Maria Malone Guerbaa?

The incredibly talented make-up artist has transformed herself into Alice In Wonderland's White Rabbit, and we can't quite believe our eyes.

Now, it might actually be quite complicated to put into action, but practice certainly makes perfect. And there are four days to fill, after all.

And if you still don't believe this is a woman underneath all of that paint, Maria also uploaded a step-by-step guide to her Instagram account, to help her fans recreate her look.

Frankly it doesn't make the design look any more straightforward to us, but then visual creativity isn't really a strong point.

It isn't the first time Maria has made headlines with her hyper-realistic creations. She's known for her creating incredible wildlife and uncanny celebrity impressions, and has racked up and impressive 148,000 Instagram followers (and counting).

She's certainly one to watch.