Ukip Candidate Alan Harris Accused Making Racist And Homophobic Facebook Posts

Ukip Candidate Accused Of Racist And Homophobic Facebook Posts

A Ukip parliamentary candidate has been accused of making racist and homophobic comments on his Facebook page.

Alan Harris is standing for Ukip in Oxford West & Abingdon at May's general election. According to the campaign group Hope not Hate, he made a series of posts between 2011 and 2013.

The comments include references to "fucking Muslims" and "queers". He also appears to complain that "black is still a colour" but is not allowed to use that word.

Harris was joined by Ukip South East MEP Diane James in the constituency on Sunday to open his campaign office. "We are parking our tanks on all the party lawns across the country," James said. "The bigger parties do not understand how to tackle insurgent parties like Ukip, so we do feel we have a good chance here."

Harris, 47, was adopted as Ukip's parliamentary candidate in the constituency in July 2014. The seat is currently held by Conservative Nicola Blackwood.

All Harris' Facebook posts between 2011 and 2013 appear to have now been deleted. At the time of publication Ukip and Harris had yet to respond for a request to comment.

Earlier this week a, former Ukip candidate has suggested Israel should kidnap president Obama and put him on trial in the style of a Nazi war criminal.

"Once Obama is out of office, the Israelis should move to extradite the bastard or ‘do an Eichmann’ on him, and lock him up for leaking state secrets. After all, what’s sauce for the Pollard goose is sauce for the Obama gander, don’t you think?," he wrote.

Pollard is a reference to the US imprisonment of Jonathan Pollard, who was jailed for selling classified information to Israel.

In response to a comment Zeid added: “Nah just kidnap the bugger, like they did to Eichmann, who suddenly found that he’d woken up in Israel. The problem is that Israeli jails are far more humane and adherent to human rights than American ones.”

At Ukip's Spring conference in March, party candidates were given a stern warning to watch when that said on Facebook and Twitter. David Soutter, Ukip's head of candidates, did not disguise the directive when addressing activists gathered in Margate. "Don't let the party down," he said. "Because one of you can make all the rest of us, the work that we do, wasted. And I am sure none of you want to do that."

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