Naughty Boy's Zayn Malik Demo Track Was Actually A Rejected One Direction Song


Zayn Malik fans were whipped into a frenzy on Tuesday, when producer Naughty Boyappeared to share a snippet on Zayn’s upcoming solo material online.

However, while fans believed the demo - which was later deleted - was a newly-recorded track, it has now been confirmed that the snippet was actually a rejected One Direction song.

Naughty Boy and Zayn Malik

“They aren't furiously working on his solo material or anything, there aren't plans for anything and this wasn't recorded in the last few days.

“They are very good friends and Zayn is taking time out including visiting Naughty Boy at his studio and hanging out.”

Since quitting 1D, Zayn hasn’t exactly been keeping a low profile, and his trips to the recording studio haven't gone unnoticed.

1D are now a four-piece

His former bandmate Louis Tomlinson took to Twitter when the demo was released, criticising Naughty Boy, real name Shahid Khan, for “winding up” fans.

Zayn’s fiancée Perrie Edwards has been keeping a low profile since his decision to leave the band was announced, and on Tuesday afternoon she was spotted enjoying a shopping trip with Zayn’s mum and sisters.

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