David Cameron Threatens To Use Jiu-Jitsu On Nigel Farage And 'Put Him On The Floor'

Cameron Is Threatening To Get Physical With Farage In Tonight's Debate

David Cameron has told a group of children he might use jiu-jitsu on Nigel Farage during this evening's TV leaders' debate.

The prime jokingly minister asked a group of children during a campaign visit today: "So shall I get Nigel Farage and put him on to the floor? Shall I give that a go?" The children cheered. "Come on, who does jiu-jitsu?" he added.

This evening in Manchester, the seven party leaders will take part in a debate hosted by ITV. They have made brief appearances on the campaign trail today before preparing for the clash.

Nigel Farage - tipped by bookmakers as hot favourite in the televised seven-way clash - said he would use the debate to put other leaders on the spot over what he sees as the impossibility of controlling immigration while remaining in the European Union.

Ed Miliband said he was looking forward to detailing "the simple case for change ... (that) it is only when working people succeed that Britain succeeds".

The three-way debates in the 2010 election were widely seen to have given a boost to Nick Clegg - even giving rise to talk of "Cleggmania" - although the effect appeared to fade as polling day approached. The Lib Dem leader has admitted he is unlikely to be able to repeat the effect this time. "I could do a cartwheel and some people would be unimpressed." he told BuzzFeed this morning.

The leaders will line up from left to right in this order:

Podium 1: Green Natalie Bennett

Podium 2: Lib Dem Nick Clegg

Podium 3: Ukip's Nigel Farage

Podium 4: Labour's Ed Miliband

Podium 5: Plaid Cymru's Leanne Wood

Podium 6: SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon

Podium 7: Conservative David Cameron

The broadcast, to be screened from 8pm to 10pm, will feature questions on four substantial election issues, with 18 minutes of debate on each. Leaders - who have no advance notice of the questions - will also have an opportunity for opening and closing statements, with Bennett going first and Cameron closing the show.

(Audio courtesy of the Press Association's James Tapsfield.)

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