David Cameron Heckled Over Homelessness During Live TV Leaders Debate

David Cameron Just Got Heckled During The Live TV Debate

David Cameron we heckled from the audience during the live televised leader's debate on Thursday evening, as he spoke about the armed forces.

Making his closing remarks after the two-hour debate, the prime minister said the United Kingdom under his leadership was creating jobs and had "clout in the world". Cameron said Britain had "some of the most brave and professional armed services anywhere in the world".

At this point he was shouted at from the audience. "There are homeless people in the streets who have been in the services, I'm sorry, I have to speak out because I'm worried. At the end of the day there is more of us than there is of them and they are not listening to our concerns."

The prime minister replied: "The lady make an important point. There are people who come out of armed services who do have difficulties, which is why we should be putting money in the Armed services charities."

Speaking to Sky News after the debate outside the debate venue, the heckler, Victoria Prosser, said: "There are so many problems I felt i had to stand up and say something. I gave them a full hour and I found they were still lying about a lot of issues.

"That's what they have a had a lifetime of training to achieve. That's why they all come from the same posh schools and why I would never have a chance to get a a say, until tonight when you are all suddenly photographing me."


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