Grandmother Poisons Her Family By Serving Them Hot Chocolate That Expired 25 Years Ago


It's all too easy to forget about cans and sachets of food that languish at the back of our kitchen cupboards.

But one grandmother from Italy got a nasty surprise when she served up some old hot chocolate to her family.

The 77-year-old woman, known only as as Mrs Rosetta, poisoned herself, her partner, her son, her two grandchildren and their friend when she gave them hot chocolate which expired 25 years ago, Il Mattino reports.

The group were taken to hospital after they began experiencing severe stomach pain and vomiting.

It didn't take long for the cases of food poisoning to be traced back to the hot chocolate sachets.

Upon inspection, the sachets were found to have expired in June 1990.

Rosetta is reported to have said she bought the sachets "a few years earlier" in the 1980s.

She forgot about them for years, but stirred them into hot milk for her family when her grandchildren requested a drink of hot chocolate.

According to The Independent, one of the woman's grandchildren was hospitalised for almost three weeks due to the severe reaction.

If you're a food hoarder, hot chocolate isn't the only thing that could be cause for concern in your pantry.

Check out the slideshow below to find out what foods you need to throw out to avoid food poisoning.

(Plus anything that's 25 years old, obviously).


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