03/04/2015 08:51 BST | Updated 03/04/2015 08:59 BST

This Week's Top Five Tech Stories You Should've Read

We've gone through all the April Fools pranks to bring up five stories you really should've had a look at this week, in case you missed something important.

1. This Might Be The One Invention To Save Flying In 'Economy'

It might look like a paper airplane made from an old envelope, but Soarigami is actually an ingenious bit of kit to help you get an armrest on a plane.

2. E-Fit Programme Draws Up What's Considered To Be The 'Most Beautiful Man And Woman' In Britain

A study commissioned to find the epitome of beauty in the UK has come up with these two characters who in our opinion look like Ross and Monica from Friends:

Depressing? Yes. If only because standardised beauty goes against everything HuffPost UK Lifestyle stands for, and because it instantly makes anyone who doesn't look remotely look like that, feel like instant rubbish.

3. Strange Lights In Russia Are Turning Night Into Day

It's times like these we're thankful everyone in Russia has a dashcam set up in their car.

Stavropol is being plagued by a mysterious series of bright flashing lights in the night sky. The flares are so bright it looks almost like daytime.

While some had speculated that it might be a giant meteor, many argued that there would have been ground-based evidence of the impact. Other conspiracy theories include a nuclear blast, UFO and even secret military weapons.

4. Scientists Prove That A Particle Can Be In Two Places At Once, Everything Gets Weird

Scientists at Griffith University in the US and the University of Tokyo in Japan have successfully carried out an experiment which should once and for all prove that a particle can indeed exist in two places at once.

Described by Einstein as "spooky action across distance", the theory goes that a particle in superposition can exist in two places at once. It is only when you try and measure one of the particles that its counterpart disappears.

5. Amazon's Dash Button Is NOT An April Fool's Prank, It's The 'Future' Of Shopping

We struggled with this one. No matter how many times people told us, we just couldn't shake the feeling that it was a prank.

But no, Amazon are really rolling out a service where you press a smartbutton - which you can install anywhere in your house - and they will send it to you. This is the world we live in.

We are literally living in the future.


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