'Countryfile' Presenter Ellie Harrison Admits She Fears She'll Be Axed In Favour Of 'Hot' Replacement

'Countryfile' Ellie Admits 'Hot' Replacement Fears

Countryfile’ presenter Ellie Harrison has admitted that she worries she’s going to be replaced in the future.


Ellie has presented ‘Countryfile’ for four years now, but claims that she thinks it’s an inevitability that she’ll eventually be shown the door by the BBC, in favour of a "hot" replacement, despite being just 37 years old.

Ellie Harrison

She goes on to confess that the decision over who should front shows like ‘Countryfile’ “can be quite political, insisting: “I’d love to do ‘Countryfile’ for a long time.

“But decisions are made way above you. If you are a head of a channel, you have to keep viewers interested.”

Television reporter Miriam O’Reilly previously fronted ‘Countryfile’ for three years, eventually being dropped from the show in 2009, and going on to successfully sue the BBC over ageism claims, and accusing then-controller Jay Hunt of “hating women”.

Similarly, the BBC was accused of ageism when Arlene Phillips was dropped from the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ judging panel in 2009, in favour of Alesha Dixon, while former news reporter Anna Ford has also been critical of the broadcasters’ treatment of older women in the past.

Even the Queen of Pop, Madonna, suggested that BBC Radio 1 were being ageist by not playing her latest single, ‘Living For Love’, despite having co-produced the track with Beyoncé and Rita Ora collaborator, Diplo.


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