The 51-year-old broadcaster said she would have surgery next month in order to remove a six centimetre tumour from her left breast.
'There could be see-through tunnels, as in an aquarium, across the meat-processing floor.'
As a tween, before the term was coined, I looked at 40 year olds and they seemed old. They were proper grown-ups. They celebrated wedding anniversaries in double figures. They complained about mortgage rates, also in double figures.
‘Countryfile’ presenter Anita Rani has called for the BBC to act on its race pay gap, as well as its gender pay gap.  A recent
'It’s nice that it gets recognised but I guess the joy of 'Countryfile' is that it consistently does great things with the ratings.'
‘Countryfile’ host Matt Baker has called for more episodes to be added to the team’s filming schedule, making the case to
Reality TV fans may be shocked when ‘Countryfile’ beats their favourite shows in the ratings’ battles, but presenters Matt
After a long wait for the right level of treatment my son is taking small steps in the right direction. While he takes those steps, I've decided to take the approximately 52 thousand steps it takes to complete the London Marathon to raise money and awareness for YoungMinds and Heads Together. Life was a lot easier for me when I was 14, so I'm happy to sacrifice my knees to start a conversation about mental health.