30/01/2017 11:37 GMT

'Countryfile' Viewers' Imaginations Run Wild Over 'Bath' Scene

😳 😳 😳

‘Countryfile’ viewers were left blushing at the end of Sunday’s (29 January) episode, when the closing scene had their imaginations running wild.

The closing moments of the show apparently saw presenters Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison taking a dip in a spa in the Peak District, after the rest of the episode had proved to be less than relaxing (mainly due to the pretty rubbish weather).

However, producers chose not to air the moment in question, instead choosing to show the co-hosts’ silhouettes moving through a window, accompanied by their excited giggles.

Ellie and Matt at the end of the episode

Over the sounds of splashing water, Matt declared, “oh that’s lovely”, before offering Ellie some moss that apparently “works just like a sponge”.

Good grief

Suffice to say, viewers were quick to speculate over exactly what was going on, with a few of them coming up with a couple of rather cheeky suggestions:

While it might seem like one of the less cool offerings on telly, that hasn’t stopped ‘Countryfile’ going from strength to strength in the past few years, even beating the most recent series of ‘Sherlock’ in the ratings.

Similarly, last year it eclipsed the ‘X Factor’ live shows, having also repeatedly pulled off the same feat during the 2015 series.

Last year, ‘Countryfile’ even managed to bring in some serious A-list guest talent, with Dame Judi Dench putting in an appearance for a Shakespearean special of the nature show.

‘Countryfile’ continues on Sunday (5 February) at 6.30pm on BBC One.

Watch the video above to see the double entendre-heavy moment for yourself...

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