Kim Kardashian Undergoes Surgery Amid Fertility Problems, Is Warned To Consider Surrogacy For Second Baby

Kim Kardashian has been advised by doctors to look into surrogacy if she wants to have another baby, after having to undergo emergency surgery amid her fertility issues.


During Sunday night’s episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, Kim had surgery to remove parts of her placenta, which were still stuck to her uterus from the first time she gave birth.

Kim Kardashian

While waiting to go under the knife, doctors warned Kim that surrogacy might be the safest option for her if she and Kanye really want to have a second child.

A fertility expert told Kim: “You can still get pregnant, but it does expose you to risks during the pregnancy.

“If I can't guarantee that and surrogacy is the only way to give you a comfortable pregnancy and a nice healthy baby, we'll talk about that.”

A preview clip from the episode had already shown viewers that Kim had been previously warned that she could have to have uterus removed completely if gives birth to a second baby.

Kim and Kanye with their daughter

“He was like, ‘OK, when you have your baby, this will be your last one, the problem is your placenta grew onto your uterus.

"'So when you have another baby, your placenta will go right to that hole and then we’ll have a team of doctors waiting right there, to remove your uterus and put you into emergency surgery right there because you can’t bleed too much.’”

During the episode, she also admitted: “I complained so much about how much I hated being pregnant and I never thought I would be begging to be pregnant.”

‘Keeping Up WIth The Kardashians’ airs on Sunday nights on E! at 9pm.

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