How To Prevent Smelly Feet: Tips And Tricks For Battling Bodily Odours This Summer

The sun is out and our thoughts are inadvertently wandering to beer gardens, long walks in the countryside and - um - sweaty feet.

The thing is, as the temperature soars, so too does the probability of feet becoming fairly whiffy over the coming months.

But before you bulk-buy on foot spray, read up on these cheaper (and far more natural) hygienehacks to help keep your tootsies from smelling like vintage cheese this summer.

1) Shower smart

Do you make an effort to wash your feet when you shower? And if so, do you rub soap between your toes? If not, then this could be the cause of your foot odour due to a build-up of bacteria.

Pay extra attention to your feet when showering and this could eliminate any embarrassing smells.

2) Stay dry

It's super important to keep your feet dry, particularly after showering. Instead of leaving your feet to dry naturally, make sure that you towel-dry between your toes.

Additionally, add some talcum powder to your tootsies to keep them feeling fresh and to prevent fungus from building up and causing conditions such as Athlete's Foot.

3) Let your feet and shoes breathe

If you can get away with wearing sandals and flip flops in the summer months then do so, as this gives your feet a chance to breathe and reduces the likelihood of bacteria build-up.

Additionally, if you're still wearing closed-toe shoes such as trainers and boots, then it's worth letting them air outside before popping them back in your wardrobe at the end of the day.

4) Wear socks

They might be a nightmare to pair up after a wash, however wearing socks could help immensely when it comes to battling stinky feet.

This is because they absorb the sweat that naturally occurs on your feet.

5) Rubbing alcohol

If the previous steps don't work, then perhaps it's time to hit your nearest pharmacy in search of something a little stronger.

Try washing your feet with rubbing alcohol, as this acts as an antiseptic and helps to dry out any sweat.

You can also disinfect your shoes with the stuff, but make sure you let them dry out properly before wearing them again.

6) Try an Epsom salt soak

Pamper your paws with a homemade foot soak.

Grab a bowl and fill it with water. For every two pints of water you use, add two tablespoons of Epsom salt.

Then, sit back, relax and soak your feet for 10-15 minutes.

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