Graffiti Artist Candie Bandit Helps Man Propose To His Girlfriend With Spray Painted Mural

Street artist Candie Bandita has shared the story of a less-than-normal proposal she was involved in completely by chance.

The West London-based graffitist was approached by a man in the street who said he had brought his girlfriend from Paris to London to propose and wanted some help.

Obliging the Frenchman's request, Candie sprayed "Will you marry me Fedwa?" on a wall in beautiful urban cursive. She later received a text with a picture captioned "she could not say no".

The ecstatic boyfriend (now fiancé) sent Candie a series of texts to express his gratitude, prompting her to share the inspiring and heartfelt messages on Instagram.

His proposal appears to have been sprayed onto a wall at a designated graffiti area near Waterloo.

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