Watch Intel's CEO Control An Army Of Robotic Spiders With A Wristband

Intel's CEO might be the coolest Bond villain without even realising it. Brian Krzanich secured his place at the head of "Spectre" when he showed off a small group of spider robots that he could control using gestures.

The CEO was showing off the company's new Curie chip, which despite being smaller than a penny, has all the tech needed to detect gestures and then send the gesture commands to Krzanich's new robotic minions.

We're not saying that robotic spiders are inherently scary, we're just saying that the Bond villain connotations probably wouldn't have entered our minds had he been controlling a group of Furbys.

Either way the tech is very real, and very cool, highlighting a future where we might be able to remotely control drones using nothing but a tiny wristband or even a ring.