Apple Wants You To Get Over The Social Stigma And Start Talking To Your Phone

In an effort to get us talking to our devices more Apple has updated its page on Siri with a comprehensive new list of examples and features which are no doubt designed to convince even the most cynical that even if you only do it in private, talking to your phone can make your life easier.

While the social stigma may be lessening, it's likely that for many of us the last time we spoke to our phone was either to talk to a human being, or to show off Siri to your friends.

The website includes features that range from organisation to getting complex maths equations in seconds.

The other good news is that constant updates to both Siri and Google Now mean you can pretty much talk to your phone as a human being, so there's no need to think about how you structure a request or sentence.

It's also likely that the updated site is connected to the launch of the Apple Watch as Siri plays a crucial in interacting with Apple's first smart watch.