Apple's New 'Racially Diverse' Emojis Still Divide iOS Users

Apple's New Emojis Struggle To Include Everyone Despite Claims Of Diversity

The release of Apple's latest software update has brought with it the long-awaited "racially diverse" emojis, but problems popped up almost instantly.

The 1.4 gigabyte iOS 8.3 update included an expanded library of the company's signature emoticons, now featuring smiley faces with different skin colours and 300 brand new icons to choose from when you're WhatsApping.

However, the California tech giant's attempts at bringing its emojis into the 21st century have been met with resistance, with some saying the "Asian" skin colour was a little bit too yellow.

Users have also been confused by mysterious aliens showing up in place of their chosen emoticons - an unexplained phenomenon that is actually quite simple. When sending the new emojis to someone with an earlier version of iOS, they'll be replaced by little alien faces in a black box.

This issue has also been popping up on Twitter, but hopefully the folks at Unicode Consortium (who work with Apple to make emojis work on other devices) will have a fix out soon.

Apple have quelled a mounting social media storm of the lack of racial and sexually diverse emojis in the library with this latest update, but many still feel under-represented but the brand's icons.

Mexican food fans are also crying out for a taco emoji.

Other new emojis bundled with the update include extra flags, same-sex couples and cartoon Apple Watches.

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