Kate Middleton volunteered a much more reserved emoji option.
Adding “LOL” after “This super depressing thing happened to me and I hate my life” can hurt your mental health and relationships.
We have no words 🍆🍑😉
We’ll soon be able to start using new inclusive emojis, including wheelchair users, a guide dog, prosthetic limbs and a hearing aid. The emojis will launch as a part of a large keyboard update by Apple this autumn. Other updates include new food items, such as a waffle, falafel, a slab of butter and garlic, as well as new animals like the sloth, flamingo, orangutan and skunk.
Other emoji additions include a sloth, flamingo, orangutan and skunk 🤷♀️
No, the aubergine emoji is NOT an invitation for moussaka 🍆
There's only five to choose from and the 💩 isn't one of them.
Representation is a sensitive topic, and in attempting to effectively represent a group of people, and the diversity within that group, a very fine line is being tread.
This droplet will help normalise conversations about periods, and that's the first step to ending shame around menstruation forever