Johnnie Walker's Tech-Filled Glass Plays Music Through Your Jaw

This Whisky Glass Plays Audio Through Your Jaw

Johnnie Walker might be one of the oldest whisky brands, but that hasn't stopped it from trying to reinvent the way we drink the good stuff.

Its latest endeavor is almost certainly its weirdest. The Red Label 'Boldest Glass' is essentially a glass you can hear.

When you drink, the glass uses bone conduction to send a wirelessly transmitted audio track straight to your inner ear.

The audio has been specifically created by sensory brand scientists Condiment Junkie who tailored the audio to be 'in tune' with the flavour of Red Label and Ginger.

Sadly this isn't a glass that's going to be appearing in every bar as the glasses were specially built and each needs a main FM transmitter to pick up the audio signal.

If you fancy trying out the weird gadget then it'll be served in "Call Me Mr Lucky", throughout April 2015.

While it's clearly a publicity stunt, it's one that certainly tries outside of the box and for that we applaud them.

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