‘Gogglebox': Silent Jay Leaves The Channel 4 Show

Silent Jay LEAVES 'Gogglebox'

‘Gogglebox’ star Silent Jay has left the Channel 4 show, it’s been confirmed.

When Jay was missing from Friday’s night show, viewers took to Twitter to discuss his absence and bosses have now revealed that we won’t be seeing Jay, full name Jay Makin, on our screens again.

We'll miss you, Jay!

Jay became a fan favourite on ‘Gogglebox’, and the fact he managed to do so without ever uttering a word is quite a feat.

After years of sitting in silence, Jay spoke out earlier this month, revealing that he’d split from his girlfriend Eve.

Despite speculation that this could mean he’d leave ‘Gogglebox’, TV bosses remained insistent that Jay’s place on the show was safe.

However, it seems that after moving out of the family’s house Jay’s had second thoughts.

Not only can Jay talk, but he can also (sort-of) sing, and earlier this month, a newly-unearthed YouTube clip caught fans’ attention.

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