‘Gogglebox': ‘Silent' Jay Makin Reveals Relationship Break-Up Hell - But Will He Leave The Show?

Jay Makin, who’s often referred to as ‘Silent Jay’, could be set to leave ‘Gogglebox’, after splitting from his girlfriend Eve Woerdenweber.


During his years on the show, Jay has barely said a word, while Eve and her parents discuss the programmes on offer.

Jay, Eve and the Woerdenweber

Despite his reluctance to offer up any punditry, Jay’s become a fan favourite but, as he lives with Eve and her family, he now has to find somewhere new to live.

To make matters worse, he’ll be returning to her house to film the final episodes of the current series.

“They say they’ll try to make everything as painless as possible.

“The running joke is that I never say anything — so they say it won’t be a problem.

“It is such a shame. I wish we could work it out. I’m having to pretend to be happy families."

However, while a Channel 4 spokesperson has told HuffPost UK that Jay will remain on the show, he has expressed fears over how awkward things could get.

Channel 4 have confirmed the couple's split, stating: “Eve and Jay have split amicably. They’ve remained very good friends and will continue to film together.”

Since first hitting TV screens in 2013, ‘Gogglebox’ has become a huge hit, and many of the participants have become stars in their own right, and Dom Parker recently competed on the reality TV series ‘The Jump’.

There have been a number of new families added since the show’s launch, but one family, the Michaels, had to leave when the Dad decided to run as a Ukip candidate.