Dog Owners Who Fail To Clear Up Their Pet's Poo Could Now Be Fined £100 On The Spot

Failure To Clean Up Your Dog's Poo Will Now Cost You £100

There are few things worse than realising you've trodden in dog poo, especially if it's before an important meeting or a hot date.

But dodging the doggy-do may soon be a thing of the past, thanks to a new law that aims to deter people from abandoning dog poo left by their pet.

Owners caught without a poop-scooping bag can now be fined £100 on the spot while walking their dog.

The new rule has been introduced as part of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act passed last year.

Dog wardens, or other council officials, will be responsible for giving out the initial £100 fines.

If a person fails to pay their fine within a week, they could be prosecuted in a magistrates' court where their fine might be raised to up to £1,000.

Previously speaking to HuffPost Green, Dr Emily Beeler, an animal disease surveillance veterinarian for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, discussed the potentially infectious agents known to live in dog feces, such as E. coli and tapeworms.

She said that a lot of these parasites become more infectious as the poo ages because "it takes many types of parasite eggs a while to ripen".

Her comments highlight the importance of picking up dog poo immediately.

Daventry in Northamptonshire is expected to become the first town to adopt the use of on the spot fines in the UK.

Daventry District Council reportedly receives 120 formal complaints per year about dog waste in public spaces.

"We may also give out bags. But if a dog warden has advised the same person a number of times and they are still leaving dog mess, then they would get a fixed-penalty notice that will have to be paid within seven days.

"Failure to do so could result in a court prosecution and £1,000 fine."

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