Kelly Brook New Boyfriend: Star Kisses French Model Jeremy Parisi In Instagram Selfies (PICS)

Kelly Brook has a new boyfriend, everyone, and she REALLY wants everyone to know about it.


In what can only be described as all the proof we need that her on-off-on-off-maybe-on-definitely-off-possibly-back-on-again relationship with David McIntosh is over, Kelly has shared a string of pictures on her Instagram page, cosying up to her new man.

The lucky guy in question is French model Jeremy Parisi, who she first hinted she was dating via a pic on Instagram.

Avec Mon Mec in Paris 💏🔒😍

A photo posted by Kelly Brook (@iamkb) on

Because we are incredibly cultured individuals here at HuffPost UK Entertainment, and we have Google translate readily at our disposal, we can tell you that the translation of that caption is: “With my guy in Paris.”

As if that wasn’t proof enough, a quick glance over at his page brings up this selfie, which shows the two of them kissing in the sunshine.


A photo posted by Jeremy Parisi (@jeremyparisi) on

Ooh la la indeed.

The new couple also posed for a photo outside the Notre Dame cathedral, where Kelly joked that she had “found Quasimodo”.

I Found Quasimodo!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂 #NotreDame

A photo posted by Kelly Brook (@iamkb) on

Such larks.

After some thorough research (translation: Instagram stalking) we can tell you for definite that Jeremy is far from Quasimodo, though, and is actually a lot easier on the eye than the fictional bell-ringer.

A lot easier on the eye…

Kelly has previously dated rugby players Thom Evans and Danny Cipriani, and last year announced that she was engaged to David McIntosh, a fitness model and former star of ‘Gladiators’.

Sadly, it wasn’t to last, and they announced back in September that they had split, although that wasn’t quite the end of the story, as they later appeared to have briefly reconciled, after nude photos of both of them leaked online.

Last week, Kelly was once again the victim of a naked photo leak, after over 30 of her private pictures were reported to have been shared on the Internet.

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