Reddit Reveals The 'Worst' Baby Names In The World Including Orgasm, So'unique and Like

Orgasm, So'unique and Like: Reddit Reveals The 'Worst' Baby Names In The World

It seems everybody knows a parent who has given their baby a name so ridiculous that it leaves you wondering "what could they possibly have been thinking?"

A new Reddit thread asking users to submit the "worst" baby names they've ever heard has received more than 18,000 comments in just two days.

The list includes parents who found baby name inspiration in the strangest places.

For instance, some social media addicted parents have named their child Like. Motorbike enthusiasts have plumped for Hellzel (a nod to the Hell's Angels).

And the moment of conception apparently inspired one parent to name their newborn Orgasm.

Scroll down to see more examples of the most ridiculous baby names on Reddit:

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