Glowing Disc 'UFO' Sighted Over Mexico Is Either A Prank Or Something Far More Sinister

UFOs are seen everyday. They can range from being drones, to clever CGI tricks but every now and then, something comes along and has us stumped.

Normally at this point we'd say 'experimental military aircraft' and then smugly close the case, but in this instance we're not so sure.

Why? Well it literally looks like a spinning disc of lights. You cannot get more 'UFO' than a spinning disc of lights, it has to be a fake?

Well the problem with that theory is that not only was this shot -- very badly we might add -- on a smartphone, but there appears to be a second video doing the rounds from another perspective.

So whether you like it or not, there was a spinning disc of lights above the skies of Mexico. The question remains though, what actually was it?