Naomi Campbell Shows James Corden How It's Done On ‘The Late, Late Show' (VIDEO)

If you’re going to get a lesson in how to strut your stuff like a supermodel, then you might as well aim high when it comes to picking a tutor.

James Corden thought exactly this, when he decided to have a catwalk lesson during his ‘ The Late, Late Show’.


Luckily, a certain Naomi Campbell was on hand to show him how it’s done.

“Look straight forward, face is poised… Be more humble,” she instructed him. “Give a good stare!”

We can’t be sure whether fashion houses will come calling, but James’s efforts weren’t bad at all.

Naomi is the latest in a long list of A-list guests who’ve graced James’s chat show sofa.

So far, everyone from Mila Kunis to Josh Gad - aka Olaf the Snowman - have made appearances on ‘The Late, Late Show’, while Mariah Carey and Jennifer Hudson have assisted with musical skits.

See Naomi’s catwalk lesson above…