This Man Will Spend A Year Studying Icebergs Inside A Giant Metal Ball

This Man Will Spend A Year Studying Icebergs Inside A Giant Metal Ball

Alex Bellini is a man who doesn't really accept 'no' for an answer. As one of this planet's most stubborn explorers Bellini might be the only person that could come up with the idea of living on a melting iceberg.

Before the 'how' it's important to understand the 'why': Bellini wants to raise awareness for global warming.

While it's all very well being told that icebergs are melting all the time, we so very rarely witness their lifespan, from detaching to their inevitable melting into the Atlantic Ocean.

The hope is that by physically attaching himself to the process and then sharing that experience with the world, the explorer will be able to add some much needed gravity to the situation.

So next up, 'how': Well he's going to spend the year it'll take to melt living in a tsunami-proof metal ball. Called the Survival Capsule, it's a 10-person escape pod that was built to protect groups against natural disasters.

Using aircraft-grade alluminium the pod is entirely self-sustaining and will contain everything Bellini needs to survive. 400kg of food, a foldable bed, solar panels for power and a satellite internet connection will all be present.

The capsule is -- naturally -- waterproof and even comes with a self-righting floor that means even if the iceberg flips, the living space will remain level when the pod rotates.

Costing around $50,000 Bellini is using crowd-sourcing to get the project off the ground and will offer any donors the chance to have their name inscribed on the side of the capsule.


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