James Corden Impersonates Sharon Stone In ‘Basic Instinct' Opposite Michael Douglas On The ‘Late Late Show' (VIDEO)

James Recreates THAT Scene From 'Basic Instinct'. Brrrrrr.

James Corden turned up the heat on Thursday’s ‘Late Late Show’ with an uncanny (ahem) impression of Sharon Stone in ‘Basic Instinct’.


James, who was dressed in a platinum blonde wig, cream outfit and heels, was joined by Michael Douglas for the send-up of the hit 1992 movie.

And yes, of course he recreated THAT scene.

But unlike Sharon in the original movie when we got to see well, everything, as she uncrossed her legs, James saved his (and our) blushes by pixelating his bits and bobs.


Michael Douglas is the latest in a long list of A-list guests who’ve graced James’s chat show sofa.

So far, everyone from Mila Kunis to Josh Gad - aka Olaf the Snowman - have made appearances on ‘The Late, Late Show’, while Mariah Carey and Jennifer Hudson have assisted with musical skits.

Watch James in action with Michael in the clip above...


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