Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer -- The Definitive Analysis

Following Thursday's release of the latest Star Wars trailer, devotees of the films set about deciphering the 90 second teaser as though it were one of the Dead Sea scrolls. Is Darth Vader Really dead? Whose metallic hand is that? Is that the back end of an Imperial Corellian Corvette into which the Falcon flies? To contribute to the analysis, the HuffPost has put together this definitive study of the second trailer for the forthcoming franchise reboot.

Is this Tatooine or the rumoured new planet Jakku? Neither. What you are looking at is a digitally created special effect made by a chap called Keith, who sits at a computer at Disney Studios.

Can this be Darth Vader's helmet burned at the end of 'Return Of The Jedi'? No. It's a purpose-built plastic prop designed to look melted.

Here we have two people in fancy dress running away from a fake explosion while pretending to be chased by a TIE Fighter that doesn't exists, accompanied by a robot that doesn't exist.

This is an actor in sackcloth with a plastic mask designed to look like metal. When he holds his hand out to harness the power of the force, nothing happens.

Is it the Corellian Corvette from 'A New Hope'? No. This is a special effect made by Keith's mate Pardeep, who sits in the next pod at their office in Burbank.

From this shot we can deduce that two aging actors will appear in the film, one dressed as a dog.

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