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Sam Faiers Pans Joey Essex In Autobiography Excerpts:'He Could Win A Gold Medal In Being Delusional'

Sam Faiers has hit out at her ex-fiancé and former ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ co-star, Joey Essex.


Joey and Sam famously had one of the most turbulent ‘TOWIE’ relationships ever, breaking up and getting back together on a number of occasions, before ultimately calling it a day last year.

Sam has had her say on her famous ex, in extracts from her upcoming autobiography which have been published in The Sun on Sunday - and she certainly isn’t pulling any punches.

sam faiers joey essex

Sam Faiers and Joey Essex

She writes: “If delusion was an Olympic sport Joey would have a gold medal. He is like Peter Pan, frozen in time and unable to handle anything bad or real.

“He plays on the ‘Little Boy Lost’ act and has always had a real skill for twisting things round to suit him because he has never really been made to grow up and take responsibility for himself.

“That’s why we had to break up, for the sake of my sanity. I hoped it would end in marriage and children, but in the end I didn’t know who he was any more.”

Sam, who appeared on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ last year, also reveals that she ended things once and for all with Joey in a text message, where she accused him of putting things like “going out and money” above her on his list of priorities.

But she isn’t the only one to put Joey in his place this week, after Prime Minister David Cameron became the only major party leader not to be interviewed by Joey for his upcoming reality show ‘Education Joey Essex: General Election, What Are You Saying?!?’.

Nick Clegg chatted to the reality star during a Lib Dem press conference, while Ukip leader Nigel Farage had an interview with Joey on a fishing boat.

Read Sam’s full quotes in her upcoming autobiography, ‘Secrets and Lies’.

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