sam faiers

"Sharing a room with your kid may be the only way either of you get a decent night’s sleep."
"Once one person did it, they all decided to jump on the bandwagon and try and get some money..."
'It's something I've always done and will always continue to do.'
'A neck ring creates a vacuum where the baby is incapacitated.'
Sam Faiers has shown that when a baby is hungry, you’ve got to stop what you’re doing and feed them asap - even if that means
Update: Four weeks after giving birth, Faiers revealed on Instagram that she named her daughter Rosie.  Sam Faiers has shared
Sam Faiers has three months to go before the birth of her second child, and she’s inviting fans on Instagram to guess if
Sam Faiers is spending quality time with her son before she gives birth to her second child. The pregnant TOWIE star posted
Sam Faiers has shared a picture of her “little” baby bump while on holiday with her family.  The 26-year-old former ‘TOWIE
Sam Faiers has let fans know she is “over half way” through her second pregnancy by posting a bare baby bump snap. The 26
Sam Faiers has announced she is expecting her second child with her boyfriend Paul Knightley. The 26-year-old shared her
The things parents do to make their babies laugh 😂
After baby Paul got bored of “Ouch”, Faiers started copying the noises he was making - mainly consisting of screams and random