Sam Faiers Clarifies Reports About Sister Billie's 'Raucous' Maldives Wedding

"Once one person did it, they all decided to jump on the bandwagon and try and get some money..."

Remember those news reports about the so-called “carnage” at former TOWIE star Billie Faiers’ wedding?

Well, her sister Sam Faiers has set the record straight, with a rather different set of events.

As you may recall, Billie tied the knot with her long-time boyfriend Greg Shepherd in the Maldives, and while it sounds like they had a fabulous time, it doesn’t sound like everyone in the immediate vicinity enjoyed themselves.

The MailOnline ran quotes from guests at the same same resort claiming the group’s “raucous behaviour… totally spoiled” their holiday.

In an interview with The Sun, Sam conceded there might have been some “noise and excitement”, adding: “And yes, there was dancing and singing and hugging. It’s a wedding!

“But I read something about throwing stones at fish… I mean, that’s completely fabricated. I think there were a lot of people who just probably wanted to get a free holiday. Once one person did it, they all decided to jump on the bandwagon and try and get some money.”

Sam was also quick to dismiss a claim that Greg had branded one hotel guest a “c***” for taking a photo of Billie in her wedding dress, insisting that’s not quite what transpired.

“There was an English couple standing on the pier as Billie and Greg were getting married,” she explained. “And after the vows the guy was shouting across saying: ‘Who are you?’

“That was so disrespectful and nasty. He was trying to provoke a reaction, and I can’t believe someone would do that on someone’s wedding day.”

Billie and Sam Faiers
Billie and Sam Faiers
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She continued: “It got to the point where every story that came out made us hysterical. It couldn’t get any worse so we carried on as we were. We were having the best times of our lives, and as long as Billie and Greg were happy it didn’t matter.

“We were just having fun, loving life. We’d all paid ridiculous amounts of money to be there. Every drop of wine was paid for. There was nothing complimentary.”

Sam also insisted that the entire wedding party did everything as a group separately from the other guests – “the pool party day, Indian night, the boys’ fishing trip and the night of the wedding” – adding: “There were 100 of us so obviously they’re not going to put us in the restaurant with the honeymooners… we didn’t want to disturb the other guests.”

Both Sam and Billie originally came to prominence as cast members on The Only Way Is Essex.

Having now left the show, they’re now the focus of their own ITVBe reality series, The Mummy Diaries, which focusses on their lives as working mothers, and is now into its fifth run.

Sam Faiers

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